Alternatives To Dental Implants
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Dental implants are expensive and not ideal for everyone. There are some alternatives to dental implants available to those who are missing teeth.

These alternatives help to fill the gap that is left by the missing tooth while not compromising the gums or jaw bone.

These methods may be used if the jaw or gums are not in optimal condition, if the individual smokes or if the implants are deemed too expensive for the individual to afford. No matter the reason for not using the dental implants, the alternatives are equally as effective and in most cases, as comfortable and life like.

The primary of the alternatives to dental implants is the dental bridge. The dental bridge does not anchor into the gum or jaw. Instead, the bridge anchors to the teeth that surround the gap left by the missing teeth. This alternative to implants generally lasts 5 to 10 years and is permanent until it is time to replace it. It provides the patient with a good looking and real looking teeth. The dental bridge also assists the patient with the avoidance of dental shifting, TMJ and the decay of the teeth that are left in the mouth.

The dental bridge can be made out of gold, porcelain, and metal alloy. The dental bridge comes in three different styles. Each different style of dental bridge is used in a different location of the mouth. The different styles of dental bridges are also used to overcome the challenges of the mouth and fit around the teeth that are left in the mouth. These alternatives to dental implants are preformed by experienced dentists and range in cost depending upon the condition of the mouth and the number of teeth that are missing.

Partial dentures are great removal alternatives to dental implants when there are some teeth left in the mouth. They are not as common as the dental bridge, but they are easy to care for and removable. These dentures can be removed from the mouth for easy cleaning and refreshing. They are held in the mouth through the use of clips that are attached to the teeth that are remaining in the mouth. These dentures are very comfortable and easy to use.
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